Luiss garden: the first harvest and the (re)discovering of the little joy of life.

Luiss garden: the first harvest and the (re)discovering of the little joy of life.








February the 2nd was an important milestone for the people of LabGov. On that day happened the first harvesting of some products farmed by the students: spinach, mushrooms and lemons.

The day started with the General Director Lo Storto paid a visit to greet all the students, professors and the LUISS staff which met for this special occasion. In his opening addressing, Dott. Lo Storto stressed the importance of rediscovering a “slow” kind of life, an idea gradually replaced by the modern “fast” lifestyles.

The LUISS Community Garden, inaugurated on November,  is a perfect example of common good managed by the people and on how to apply the collaborative governance to the commons, such as the environment, agriculture and food. These are also the topics of the Laboratory of this year that involve students in the design, management and communication of this garden sited in our Campus placed in Viale Romania. The university students gathered ideas and resources and, thanks to the precious  help and supervision of  the LUISS staff, managed to start a system that is willing to become a way to gather the efforts of students interested in the rediscovering of the joy of growing fresh products.

In any case, the work is far from over: in the following months there will be the harvesting of other products, such as  broccoli and fennels in February, since the complete harvesting at the end of March. Moreover, work has already started for the realization of a vineyard that is going to be inaugurate in the near future.

Quoting professor Iaione: “We eat together, we save money, we share advices on exams and other problems of everyday life and we seek solution for the challenges of our generation. We should follow a healthier and greener lifestyle. We should project the future and we should ask ourselves how we are going to nudge more and more people to join us, and have fun with us. Break free from Facebook and from its fast-relationships by building offline relationships more stable and enduring. We want to be the driving force of change, not a simple a leading élite. Patience and tenacity are our distinctive features as farmers of the relations that needs to be developed to make changing, innovation and collaboration blossom”.


Orto Luiss: il primo raccolto e la (ri)scoperta delle piccole gioie della vita


Il 2 Febbraio LabGov, insieme a dipendenti e professori LUISS, ha effettuato la prima raccolta di alcuni prodotti del LUISS Community Garden. In particolare sono stati raccolti spinaci, funghi e limoni. Anche il Direttore Generale Lo Storto ha fatto visita all’Orto per salutare il gruppo che si è riunito per questa occasione.

Il LUISS Community Garden può essere considerato un esempio perfetto di come si può applicare la governace collaborativa ai beni comuni, come l’ambiente, l’agricoltura e il cibo. Questi sono infatti i temi del Laboratorio di quest’anno, che vede i nuovi labgovers impegnati nella progettazione, comunicazione e organizzazione di questo nuovo spazio all’interno del Campus di Viale Romania.

Fino a Marzo ci sarà la raccolta di altri prodotti, tra cui ad esempio i broccoli, i finocchi, la verza, i cavolfiori.  Nel prossimo futuro si aprirà la vigna.

Nelle parole del professor Iaione: “Dobbiamo progettare il futuro e liberarci da Facebook e dalle sue relazioni rapide costruendo interazioni offline stabili e durature. Vogliamo essere la forza motrice del cambiamento, non una semplice classe dirigente. Pazienza e costanza sono i nostri tratti distintivi come coltivatori delle relazioni che devono essere sviluppate per far nascere il cambiamento, la collaborazione e la collaborazione”.