A value proposition canvas to collaborate!

Friday 11th November,2016, the labgovers have taken part in the third session of co-working guided by the advices of professor Paola Santoro.

The session started with the report concerning the on-the-spot- investigations made by the students the 8th and 10th of November at the archaeological park of Centocelle and its surroundings. Their impressions and considerations were different, and this was also due to the fact that some people belonging to associations active in the area appeared to be hostile to the actions of Labgov. Despite these episodes, the students agreed on the fact that there is a clear feeling of uneasiness and resignation regarding the Park and its neighbourhood.

Following this report made by the students, Paola Santoro taught them how to use the Value Proposition Canvas, a tool extremely useful in the field of facilitation of common goods. The following task for the students in fact, was targeting the needs, the fears, the wants and the substitutes connected to the park, and placing them inside the model. Despite the difficulties found in the choice of the best category to fit each concept, the results have been quite similar across the different groups. The session concluded focusing on the activities of the following day, which would have been devoted to find solutions for the many problems of the area.