An event to co-design the future of the ex-Military Hospital in Naples

An event to co-design the future of the ex-Military Hospital in Naples

How to transform a sleeping giant into a special space open to everyone?

This is the question that will be at the center of the discussions at the meeting that will take place on Saturday the 27th of May 2017 at the ex-Military Hospital, also known as SS. Trinità delle Monache complex.

The event is organized by the URBACT Local Group, a network of local actors that are taking part in the “2nd Chance – Waking up the sleeping giants” project promoted by Naples Municipality. This meeting will offer an important occasion to come together and define the initiatives that will be implemented with the aim of waking up the ex-Hospital, a precious urban complex located in the heart of the city, which currently lies into abandonment. Everyone who cares about the destiny of this important resource is invited to participate in the event to and to share his ideas, desires, experiences and proposals.

The event will adopt an OST (Open Space Technology) methodology, which favors an open debate and the development of creative and innovative ideas. The participants will spend the first half an hour of the meeting defining together the program of the day, and afterwards they will divide into working tables where they will discuss all the topics considered relevant by the participants. All the issues discussed and the proposals emerged will be collected into a final Instant Book.

At LabGov we are following with great interest the numerous and innovative experiences that are taking place in Naples around the urban commons and that we presented in a previous article, and also in this occasion our coordinator, Professor Christian Iaione, will be present at the event.