Aurelio Hub: a shareable Municipality XIII

In a period of rationalization of the public expeditures, the governance of the commons put in the center the capabilities of the individual, singularly o associated, to solve collective problems. This is not possible without a change in the structures of the welfare state. A welfare system that looks not only to the individual but also to the community. To achieve this goal we need a change in the institutional technology. An institutional technology that creates spaces open to the civic dynamism governed by the principles of participatory democracy. The implementation of socially innovative programs requires new skills and specific methodologies. The training will not concern only the operators but especially the citizens, which appears as the key pillar to support this ambitious project.

The field trials is taken in the Roman area of Castel di Guido. Castel di Guido covers an area of approximately 2,200 acres on which is located a farm, owned by the City of Rome. The small town is fairly populated and the local community has long been committed to re-qualify the air. Despite being owned by the public authority, the area is not valorized, despite the extraordinary beauty of landscape and environmental and possible job opportunities that could arise from the rich agro-environment.

The aim of the project is to experiment new practices of community welfare for the development of sustainable communities according to criteria of subsidiarity. The program involves a partnership between citizens and local institutions through the creation of a laboratory for local governance in order to achieve a welfare neighborhood that integrates all forms of fragility.

Our goals are the subsequent: to propose a shared management of green spaces in the schools; the experimentation of neighbourhood collaborative services, the creation of a suburb’s digital hub for the shared production of culture. The last action provided is the recovery of a natural reserve and a medieval borough to transform it in a periurban borough, with a shared management.